The three causes are the possibility of safe abortions only for 3% of women who abort, and a hair in the tail for the feminist struggle.

By: loreto vargas guerrero / Photos: Raúl Landino

In Chile, after years of discussions, indications and returns, the decriminalization of abortion was approved in three restrictive grounds, which have to do with the danger of the mother’s life, fetal infeasibility and rape, this would allow around 3% of the Women who today abort in Chile can do so with the support of the State through public or private health assistance that would allow them to abort safely.

It was only in 2017 and after two consecutive days of discussions that the project was approved four years after it entered parliament, despite how logical it is for us to be able to decide on our body, on our life and the life of a “Being” that could obligatorily come to an extremely adverse world.

There were indications such as that of Senator Andrés Zaldívar, in which “the action intended to save the life of the mother when there is a life risk would not be considered an abortion, if the interruption of pregnancy occurs as a result,” that is, to force the mother to remain pregnant by “stabilizing” her life until an abortion occurs almost “spontaneously” due to the intention of saving the mother’s life, which is also unlikely to be an attack on the life and dignity of women, this indication is finally rejected by a difference vote (17 in favor and 18 against).

The three causes are insufficient

We women abort in Chile, it is a reality: women from the well-to-do classes in a private clinic or abroad, while poor women at home with friends and pills. The latter in the case of having the information that we disseminate by all possible means. As lifeguards among women, we give containment, support and explanations, step by step, of how to perform a safe abortion. There is the abortion manual ( http://infoabortochile.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/manual.pdf ), in addition to the abortion line, which is a safe number where any woman can call and have the necessary help to terminate a pregnancy ( http://infoabortochile.org/). All this for a free, safe and autonomous abortion, where medicine and its conglomerates, with their morality and obstetric violence, do not continue to impose logics that reside in over medication and a treatment that is often disqualifying in the face of our decisions, today we respond to it Being ourselves the ones who organize ourselves, we have historically aborted and occupied nature to heal ourselves, and we will continue to do so.

Those who voted for, against and abstained.

We are unfortunately a people of fragile memory, so it is important to have the record and comment on it. The gap between votes for and against is not as wide as we would like. These politicians, who are mostly pseudo heterosexual men with a well-off economic situation, only through the insistence that we have raised have they approved this project and have done it as an analgesic to our fight for a free abortion. For this reason, on July 25 we will not go out to demand the three causes but rather to demand an abortion for any reason, because we care about the women and children of the country, especially those who end up in SENAME, the women and the children. invisible, raped and mistreated, who did not ask anyone to come to this country that we owe more than apologies, more than compensation, a real change where the interruption of pregnancy is observed from the integral care of the mother, and that is enough argument that it is not desired either due to economic, spatial or sentimental disability. We do not want more abused and dead children, or that people who even know how much the bus fare leaves, who steal our taxes, usurp natural assets and have salaries that are ridiculously higher than the minimum wage continue to decide for us, more Beyond knowing their names, that 5% that controls the country, it is important to instill in the collective memory that we must not continue to be domesticated by that hegemonic leadership.

The indications

The penalty for women who have an abortion will be harsher, that is, for all those 97% who abort and who do not enter the three causes will have lesser prison in its maximum degree.

Remember that the penalty exists, between 2010 and 2015 at least 85 people were convicted of interrupting pregnancies, in 2010 to 2014 271 people were prosecuted, 182 women and 89 men. In addition to the fact that in the interruption for rape for those over 14 years of age they only have a term of up to twelve weeks of gestation, while in those under 14 the term increases to 14 weeks, while the breakthrough due to the risk of the mother’s life, fetal infeasibility Diagnostics will be needed, which we know in advance from what has been the delivery of the morning-after pill, how vasectomies or cuts of the fallopian tubes are difficult to access, since the economic and political interest of the country is to increase the overcrowding and rottenness among its citizens.

Phrases for bronze

A small compilation with the most misogynistic and aberrant phrases within our honorable chamber.

“Some have argued that the cause could be used by women to access abortion, what do we say to these girls? What do we not believe in them? What because some will be able to lie they will not be able to choose? This is the least that we can offer the victims and maintaining the current situation is being an accomplice of such inequity ”Rabindranath Quinteros (PS)

“This cause is wrong” Alberto Espina (RN) Causal on the risk of life of the mother.

“The level of risk to the mother’s life can be relative, changing and can be manipulated. Any woman can argue that her life is at risk, argue depression or suicide attempt. There is no way to determine if it is being simulated or true ”Alejandro García-Huidobro (UDI)

“No one can determine with certainty that this life is going to die. When in doubt, I position myself for the benefit of life ”Hernán Larraín (UDI)

“The situation of inequality will not allow it to be applied in many regions of the country” Carlos Bianchi (IND)

“This cause is even more discriminatory than the previous one, because we are taking away the right to live from a healthy human being” Van Rysselberghe (UDI) “A 13-year-old girl who has a consensual relationship with her 16-year-old boyfriend, legally that it is a violation, so she is going to agree to abortion without having to justify anything at all, so don’t tell us that this is not legislated towards free abortion “

“Whether or not there was rape should be dictated by a judge and not by the team specially designed for it, since it allows women to lie, it maintains a circle of impunity towards the rapist because it does not oblige those affected to make a complaint. ”Alberto Espina (RN)