The revolution in times of crisis is to take advantage of those crises to create new solutions and solutions, applicable in all scenarios.

The Faction, the 4th meeting of media activists in Latin America, will begin shortly, which aims to create and strengthen a network of articulators, producers, journalists, social media and independent media willing to touch on a common agenda, which is the defense of human rights and democracy in the world. An encounter that begins in Brazil, passes through Bolivia and Uruguay and arrives in Argentina, ten times bigger than it started.

Everything is the result of collaborative work, in a network, where the collectives and movements of each country that make up the Facción network dedicate themselves to thinking about it and building it. In this edition, the group responsible for local articulation in Argentina is Emergentes, which has action and communication as its bases and works so that there are narratives against the political manipulation of traditional media.

The journalist and activist Majo Giovo, one of the founders of Emergentes, comments on the construction of a self-organized meeting in an Argentina broken by the neoliberal and surrender measures of Mauricio Macri, president of the country, who has followed an agenda since he came to power austere and gloomy, fulfilling the wishes of businessmen, something very similar to what happens in Michel Temer’s Brazil.

Majo Giovo presents the Faction in Buenos Aires, in the pre-production of the event. Photo: Emerging

“Since we started dreaming about this meeting, we saw that the possibilities were very difficult. The support did not arrive, due to the complex political and economic scenario of the country, but we began to talk with our people and that is when the networks appeared, when ties and affections promoted collective construction. And there also appeared the collaborative economy (…) From a crowdfunding, a borrowed car, hosts culture and donations. We also set out to create new articulations, as is the case in Avellaneda – one of the venues for our meeting – and thanks to the Municipality team and the trust placed in Facción, fundamental agreements were managed to carry out the meeting. “